JOY Hair Salon Armstrong BC

JOY Salon

Joy Hair Salon Armstrong BC

As a Paul Mitchell Focus Hair Salon, it is our goal to make and keep your hair beautiful!

We do professional hair services, and teach you to maintain a great style by using professional products and styling tools. We carry all of Paul Mitchell's latest luxury lines and colours.

It is important to us to do an in-depth consultations.

In order to provide great service, we do free in-depth consultations before every service.  A detailed consultation enables us to know exactly how you would like your hair to look.  We know that letting a new stylist work with your hair takes trust, which we build during our consultation.  There is no obligation to proceed with a service if you are not completely satisfied with our recommendation or price quote.

We are devoted to 100% client satisfaction at JOY Hair Salon Armstrong BC.

If we do not deliver the level of service that you expect from our hair consultation, we will make every reasonable effort to make things right with our clients.

We love to do photographs to promote our work!

JOY Hair Salon is the third hair salon owned by Nadia Barkema (formerly Nadia Standeven). Nadia's first hair salon was also in Armstrong BC. Nadia built a great portfolio of photos and a great reputation as a hair salon owner from her previous businesses. You can see some of her work in the Gallery.