Platinum Blonde Balayage Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago we posted on Facebook looking for a model for a hair photoshoot.  We had a great response, and our choice of many beautiful people local to the North Okanagan who expressed interest in being our hair model.  We ended up planning for three hair photoshoots, and have already done the first two.  Our first model was done to show a bright blonde makeover, and we are showing the results here in this post!

The hair shown here was done by Nadia Barkema who is the Master Stylist at JOY Salon in Armstrong BC.  Nadia has 14 years experience doing hair and has previously owned two other salons.  She has moved back to the Armstrong area after living on Vancouver Island for the past six years.  Nadia would still love to build more clients at JOY Salon as we have only been open for two months (Since December 2017).

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