Okanagan Silver Balayage Photoshoot

Silver Balayage Photoshoot done February 2018

All of the photos on our website, www.joysalon.ca, show hair cuts and hair colour services done by Nadia Barkema.  In early February 2018, we posted on Facebook looking for a model for a hair photoshoot.  We initially wanted to do one photoshoot, but we received such a positive response.  This is the second of the three photoshoots we decided to do.  For this photoshoot we did a silver balayage effect that softly shifts colour from the root all the way to the tips of her hair.

Nadia Barkema

The hair shown here was done by Nadia Barkema who is the Master Stylist at JOY Salon in Armstrong BC.  Nadia has 14 years experience doing hair and has previously owned two other salons and during this time she has done many silver balayage hair colours while working as a stylist.  She has moved back to the Armstrong area after living on Vancouver Island for the past six years.  Nadia would still love to build more clients at JOY Salon as we have only been open for two months (Since December 2017).

Hair Photoshoots

Nadia has a great portfolio of hair photos that showcases her ability to a wide variety of hair services.   This silver balayage hair colour is one example of her work,  but we're still in the early stages of building our website and filling it with her work.  We are excited to share her work with anyone who is interested to see it! 

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