Rose Gold Balayage Hair Colour

Rose Gold Balayage Photoshoot done February 2018

All of the photos on our website,, show hair cuts and hair colour services done by Nadia Barkema.  In early February 2018, we posted on Facebook looking for a model for a hair photoshoot.  We initially wanted to do one photoshoot, but we received such a positive response.  This is the third photoshoots we did.  For this photoshoot Nadia did a rose gold balayage effect that softly shifts colour from the root all the way to the tips of her hair.

Nadia Barkema colour and styled the hair for this photoshoot.

The hair shown here was done by Nadia Barkema who has  14 years of experience doing hair.  Nadia owned her last salon, and as the owner she was the last stop to help clients get the look they wanted.  She has done many fixes, colour corrections, wedding up-styles, hair extensions, and other advanced hair services.

Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Colour

At JOY Salon, we are a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon.  We want the best hair products for customers who come to our salon.  Paul Mitchell has different product lines to meet the needs of everyone.  It is great for us to have one product line that works for colouring hair, providing shampoo and conditioners, and styling products for every situation.  To get the bright vivid hair colours featured in these photos we used Paul Mitchell PopXG Hair colour.

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