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Wedding Hairstyles at JOY Salon

We are able to do wedding hair services at JOY Salon in Armstrong BC or at your location within a reasonable distance.  You can find more information regarding wedding hair services, and see examples of Nadia's work here.

Your Okanagan Wedding Hairstylist

Nadia is the owner and Master Hairstylist at JOY Salon.  Her favourite hair service to do for clients is wedding and bridal hairstyles.  It's creative and fun, and it is always a blast to be part of the excitement on your special day.  Nadia has more than 10 years experience doing wedding hair.  While she owned her salon in Nanaimo BC, she would regularly travel to the wedding party and do anywhere from three to seven upstyles or downstyles.

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Our Recommended Bridal Hair Best Practices

Everyone's wedding day is of course unique.  The following information is our recommendations based on our experiences.

We recommend that the bridal hair service is booked and confirmed as soon as possible to ensure that Nadia is available for the time you require.

If you know exactly how you would like to have your hair styled, please send us an photo of the style, and a photo of your hair.  These photos can be sent through email to or through Facebook.  This enables us to confirm that we are able to duplicate the results, and that the style is achievable based on your hair.

We recommend that the bride comes in to the salon for a bridal hair trial.  If you are unsure of what style you would like, Nadia can provide her recommendations based on your hair and the latest trends in wedding hair.  Nadia will do the wedding hairstyle of your choice during the trial to show you how it will look.

We recommend that you do not dramatically change your hair between the wedding hair trial and your wedding day.

If you have thin or damaged hair, we have several options for hair extension available that are not permanent.  Tape-in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions can be used, and they can be cut matched and colour matched to your existing hair.  Even with healthy hair, hair extensions can be used to give more volume and more contrast to your natural colour, and can make your hair look even better for photos.

We recommend that Nadia comes to your location if you are having the hair done for multiple people in your wedding party.  This allows for less interruption for your day with traveling to and from our salon.

Bridal Hair Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my trial?

Please consider whether your hair will change as you get closer to the wedding day.  If your hair will stay the same, we can book it at anytime.  

How long will it take?

Doing a detailed bridal hairstyle takes between 60 and 90 minutes.  If the client has thick hair or hair extensions, the service may take more time.  Doing a bridal trial with Nadia will of course help get a more accurate estimate.  Services for other members in the wedding party typically take between 40 and 60 minutes.

Do I have to do a bridal trial?
We strongly recommend a bridal trial.  We have had issues getting the look a client would like due to the style not being achievable with their hair.  We want to know what to expect before your wedding day!
How much does it cost?

A full bridal updo hairstyle is $95 with Nadia.  Bridal trials at JOY Salon in Armstrong are $47.50.  Upstyles for mother of the bride and bridesmaids is $55 to $75 depending on the style desired and the hair.  For service at a location in the North Okanagan other than JOY Salon she will charge a reasonable travel fee.

How much for you to come to my location?

Vernon, Armstrong and Enderby at no cost;

Silverstar and Salmon Arm for $45;

Kelowna for $70.

What methods of payment do you accept?
If we travel to your location, we are only able to take cash. At JOY Salon, we can also process credit and debit cards.

Here is a glamour hairstyle done by Nadia that would be excellent as a bridal style